Duo Kit


With no joystick the Duo Kit is discrete.
With its 10 km/h it is the fastest on the market. And you will have the option of several modes.
Suitable on most manual wheelchairs.


Maximum Speed


Life battery


Per Wheel


Incline capacity

Stay active, go further!

For short and long distances, the DUO power assist kit for manual wheelchairs allows you to vary your level of power assist to your needs. It combines liveliness and the joy of driving in all everyday situations.

With power push assist , cruise mode, power assist for the helper, and foot push assist for hemiplegic people, the DUO Kit is highly versatile.

The Duo Kit more in detail

Touch control screen


Power assist push

Cruise mode

Cruising mode for long distances

Ergonomic control knob

Power assist intensity variator


Lighting for the road and your own visibility

PAP+ / Cruise mode

Stay active all while relieves your joints and select the power assist mode that suits with your needs and the distance travelled:
Power assist reduces the impact on the handrail.
Cruise mode allow you to easily covering long distances and helping you over difficult ground.

Easily adjust the power assist level up to 10 km/h and feel completely safe thanks to the extremely easily-activated braking system.

Simple assembly / disassembly

The DUO kit is light and easy to disassemble thanks to its pressure button system in the wheel axis. It is not very bulky and therefore easy to transport.

Power assist and hemiplegic persons

Thanks to the virtual sensor – which replaces the physical sensor on the handrail – the helper can also benefit from the assistance, in addition to hemiplegic persons thanks to the foot push.

The most versatile system

For paraplegic and hemiplegic persons, and for the helper

Technical features


Lithium 10AH
3,5 Kg
Efficient charging time of 4 hours

Rims & Tyres

24 inches

4.5 kg per wheel

Wheels for everyday use

Rims with double-reinforced lining

Personalize the color of the rims and handrails

  • Aluminium

  • Noir

Power & voltage

Motors 250 W

Service motor voltage 36 V

Charger input voltage 110/220 V-AC

Charger output voltage 42 V-DV


Additional battery adapted for transport via plane - £600

Anti-tilt supports - £300

Made in France, the DUO power assist kit is based on several patents, including the virtual sensor which allows the helper to benefit from aid and reduce the risks of breakdown linked to sensors on the rims.

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