Nomad Kit


In addition to high-performing electric assistance, easily overcome obstacles and travel on unstable ground thanks to the robotically-assisted gyroscopic stabilization.
Fits to most manual wheelchairs.


Life battery


Maximum speed


Incline capacity


Manoeuvrable obstacles

Move anywhere

With its active, high-performing propulsion mode and a large battery life, the NOMAD Kit combines liveliness and the pleasure of driving in all conditions, inside and outside.

Thanks to the automatic gyroscopic stabilization on 2 wheels (self-balancing mode), manoeuvering a pavement or edge, or rolling across a lawn or gravel will no longer be a problem.

The Nomad Kit in detail

Console with joystick

Electric Mode

Fast or moderate

Self balancing mode

Gyroscopic stabilization


Battery level


Distance covered

Colour Option

You can personalise the colour of your console’s joystick on the Nomad motorisation kit

  • Niagara

  • Blanc de blanc

  • Anthracite

  • Stormy Weather

  • Rosin

Move on all ground

Thanks to the gyroscopic mode you will seriously increase your accessibility to all types of ground: roll across gravel, lawns, and paving, or idle along a forest path.

Just as practical in town, the gyroscopic mode allows you to be even more independent: manoeuvre an obstacle, an edge, a pavement, or a gap between the platform and the edge of the tram…

Simple assembly / disassembly

The NOMAD kit is light and easy to disassemble thanks to its locking system in the wheel axis. It is not very bulky and therefore easy to transport.

It has been designed to adapt to practically all the wheelchairs on the market and takes their features into account, mainly adapting to wheelchairs with fixed and flexible frames.

Tyres and wheels

The tyres will also play the role of absorber for more comfort on uneven ground.
Very light, its weighs 6 kg per wheel

Option : you can personalize the colour of the rims

  • Aluminium

  • Black

Anti-tilt support

Optionally the anti-tilts can also transform into supports to enable the mounting and dismounting of the wheels — £ 300

The easiest system to use

For all types of ground

Technical features


Lithium 10AH

3,5 kg

Efficient charging time of 3 hrs


24 inches

6 kg per wheel

You can personalize the colour of the rims

  • Aluminium

  • Black


Motors 250W

Service motor voltage 36V

Charger input voltage 110/220 V-AC

Charger output voltage 42 V-DV


Additional battery adapted for travel — £600

Anti-tilt support — £300

Colour of the joystick casing

  • Niagara

  • Blanc de blanc

  • Anthracite

  • Stormy Weather

  • Rosin

Made in France, certified by the CERAH, and approved by the French National healthcare. The self-balancing mode (gyroscopic stabilization) was the object of the filing of a patent application.

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