About us


Autonomad Mobility develops innovative technical mobility help for people with reduced mobility.

We put cutting edge technology (onboard electronics, software, IT) at your service in order to develop the most reliable, versatile products that significantly increase your self-management.

In the beginning ...

We launched our project 3 years ago in partnership with user of wheelchairs and monitoring and rehabilitation centres. Together we studied how technology could solve some of their problems: accessing uneven surface, crossing obstacles, relieving joints and limbs, taking the helper review..

Our ambition

To provide you with the best of technology, with accessible products that bring you real comfort of use and help you daily.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team, based in Les Hauts de France, gathers together different forms of know-how (mechanics, onboard electronics, robotics, computer programming, ergonomics) in order to bring you solutions that make a difference.

Our technologies

3 years of research, and a strong partnership with the University of Valenciennes, culminated in the perfecting of innovative and patented technologies: Auto-stabilized wheeling mode and the Virtual Sensor.

We are continuously working on developing our products with an active Research and Development strategy.

Brevets Gyro et Capteur virtuel